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Stella Nox Fleuret
Eyes that see the light of expiring souls

// Humble blog of Stella looking fowards to RP-ing and making friends.

Pleasure to meet you all! 



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Coming from a distinguished family, Stella is always expected to be the type of child everyone wishes to have. Ever since she was a little, she was excellent in studies. She is intelligent, curious, creative and always willing to learn more. She, sometimes, has the strangest ideas one could ever think of. She is more mature and different from people at her age. “Humane” is one of the words to describe Stella. She spents her time working as an ambassador of peace. She enjoys travelling, bringing peace and helping the less fortunate people than her. She is very kind and friendly. She does not hesitate to help anyone in need. Stella shows her resentment towards wars and abuse. She sometimes cries for those who have to suffer the cruelness of this world. However, she is not as weak as she might appear to be. She can fight and she will always fight to protect what she loves and believe in.

Stella inherits her mother’s gentleness, and her father’s toughness. As a result of her proper upbringing, Stella is very dignified, polite and honest; she is also assertive and true to her beliefs. She is confident and does not shy away from her problems, running away is never her choice. She does not like to get in any argument, or hold hatred towards anyone, and she cannot accept rudeness as well as dishonesty.

Despite her family’s wealthiness, Stella is quite humble, she does not like to show off or talk too much about herself. She prefers listening to other people’s stories, and offers her help when they need it. Because of that, Stella is loved by many. However, she does know that not everyone is her friend. There are people who only use her to get what they want: fame and money in most cases, or a good gossip about her personal life. It is hard for her to trust anyone, though, she wishes to befriend with everyone. Her feelings are likely to pent up inside, and hidden by her smile. Her maturity depends on the people she is with. She treats everyone with respect, elegance and kindness. While very few lucky people can bright out the childish side in her.